Once you have found a hobby you really enjoy, you don´t want to let anything get in between you and your favorite pasttime. It is the same with knitting, but sometimes even a knitters road can be bumpy. Five challenges which can dampen any knitters spirits – and how to overcome them.

1. An UGH-Project

The sweater that will never fit rigt, the lace pattern your trying to memorize but keep messing up, the yarn that is splitting like no tomorrow, the pattern that does not lend itself to understanding. We´ve all been there. And it can actually take all the joy out of knitting, no matter how much we crave the finished object.

What to do:
LET GO. Some things just are not meant to be, and some projects never get finished. You should be glad yours is “only” a piece of knitting. Do not beat yourself up about it. Life is all about trial and error, and well, at last you´ve tried.

2. Snarky comments

Have you ever worn your finished object proudly in public only to have its possible shortcomings pointed out by others? Now that can ruin your day. Sometimes all it takes for somebody to say nothing at all when it would be socially adequate to say something nice, like in: “Oh, you´ve got a new haircut. NICE.”
I wore my acer cardigan proudly to a trade fair in Berlin, and a colleague (who knew I had knitted this cardi myself) mentioned that fact to someone we were talking to. The woman looked at me, went “U-hu” and changed the subject. It took all my inner strength to not kick her shin.

What to do:
Not everybody will love your finished object the way you do. However, that is completely ok and will help build your self-confidence (some day, eventually). Until then, remind yourself that you don´t always appreciate other peoples clothing choices either. Often enough, people wear hilariously ugly outfits they did not even knit themselves but bought from companies who have them sewn by child workers in Bangladesh.

3. Bad material

So you´ve finished your sweater and it fits, the colour is becoming, and even your boyfriend likes it. However, it starts to pill/shed/itch the minute you put it on …

What to do
Curse, if you must. Sometimes that´s all you can do. Then post a warning comment on the yarn on ravelry to keep others from making the same mistake, so at least SOME good comes of the whole mess.

4. The quest for perfection

Trying to “get it to look just like in the picture” is great if you´re looking for a shortcut to becoming completely and utterly insane. Nuff said.