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Now that I have

– successfully knitted one garment following a pattern (Acer cardigan)
– knitted a second garment following a basic design and modifying it (popcorn sweater),

what is the logical next step? Starting making up my own designs, of course!
I may be overestimating my skills just a little, but hey! That´s the beauty of knitting: If you f*ck it up royally, you can always rip it out and start anew.

So here it goes: My first attempt at garment knitting design, working title:

The Corn cardigan.

I bought three cones of colourmart´s fingering weight yarn in electric blue recently. I fell in love with the colour and, in my rush to win the ebay auction for this yarn, did not read the description properly. I thought it was one of their extra fine merino yarns, but it is a cotton/linen/silk combination…. which means it comes with mental tags normally not part of my knitting program:
Corn cardigan back bottom-upHowever, now it is in my stash and I am going to knit it!
The plan is for a longish summer cardigan with a subtle lace pattern and little to no waist shaping. I have yet to decide between long sleeves and 1/2 sleeves with sleeve tabs (love those!) I took a simple lace pattern I saw on a sweater pattern and tried to reproduce it from the picture on the ravelry project site. Then, using the yarn doubled, I cast on 80 stitches for the bottom of the back, knit 12 rows in 1×1 ribbing and figured out the way I wanted to space out the small lace elements.

So far, I rather like it!


First ever knitted garment project is finished and quite faboulous! It took me only four months ;-).

I am happy with the outcome, but knitting it was a learning process and there are things I´d do differently next time.


  • Nice colour
  • yarn was great to knit with, endured frogging back several times very well, keeps its shape, no growing wider or longer with repeated wearing
  • pattern is really pretty
  • arms were crocheted in without too much cursing in the process
  • Very warm
  • almost no pilling.


  • Rather snug fit, especially around the shoulders. Can only be worn over thin longsleeves because otherwise it would be too tight.
    acer cardigan front viewHowever, this is not the patterns fault … I was just to lazy to knit a gauge swatch.
  • Buttons are too small, still have to find the perfect ones… I think domed tin buttons in tarnished silver would be nice.
  • Cardigan turned out a little shorter than I aimed for, but is now a good length to be worn with high-waisted skirts or pants.
  • Upper buttons cannot be closed without buttonband gaping. However, I did not intend to wear this fully buttoned up
  • Added 1 inch to sleeves, but they´re still more 3/4 length than full length.

What's the forecast?